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Why CBD Bath Oil Might Be The Best Way To Relax

The more research conducted about the benefits of CBD products, the more uses are found for this naturally occurring compound. In addition to being consumed, vaped, or smoked, CBD from industrial hemp can also be used as a topical formulation or included in a bath and body oil or bath salt tea formula.

CBD bath oil or bath tea is simply added to warm or hot water as with any other bath product. Soaking and luxuriating in the bath allows the skin to absorb the CBD, essential oils and natural ingredients. This helps to soothe aching, sore, and tired muscles while also moisturizing and calming skin irritation and inflammation.

Quality Products Make a Difference

When purchasing any CBD bath products, always look for a third-party lab certificate of analysis. This not only shows a commitment to quality control and transparency by the manufacturer, but it also helps consumers to make an informed decision. Choosing a full-spectrum CBD bath oil product with a certificate of analysis means the consumer can confirm there is no detected THC in the product, which is important for those with jobs requiring drug testing.

The Relaxation Effect

Muscle aches and pains, minor swelling due to inflammation of joints and muscles, and even mental stress can reduce your ability to relax. Soaking in a warm tub of water combined with CBD bath oil products helps release muscle and body tensions and discomfort and calm the mind. Lavender is particularly known for relaxation, but choosing your favorite scent allows your mind to simply enjoy the fragrance and let go of the worries of the day.

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